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sales tips - Asking for the order, seeking the business, closing the deal. Call it what you want however when it comes to closing the sale and asking for firm commitment lots of Sales Professionals have the sweats and think about fleeing in terror.

I’ve seen it many times a Sales Consultant will pay out hours with a customer and then say at the final end “Ok do you have any questions? No? Ok, we’ll what about I let you have a think about it”. You’ve just wasted hours of energy and for what? You didn’t even ask for the order!

There’s a couple of basics you should cover before you decide to attempt to close where there are literally hundreds of techniques and ways you can close, I’m going to cover some of the basics but before I do I am going to go over getting ready for your close.

Before you close

Hopefully in your sales presentation you've got a step by step process in places you present your product it could be something as simple as 2 or 3 steps or it may be 10 steps.

For an example I’ll utilize the below,


In each step of one's presentation you must be attempting to flush out objections along the way, before you move in one step the next you need to be asking questions and trial closing. Using this method your making sure that when you get to the end of you presentation you’ve eliminated all objections apart from price objection (hopefully you’ve sold the benefits so well you won’t have price objection either).

What’s an effort close?

If you were almost to finish talking about your organization building a good foundation or reliable service, strong history of performance etc etc you need to ask, “before I move on do you have any more questions about the company I represent?” This will flush out any concerns plus more questions they might have.

The Trial Close - Make a trial close as closing the chapter of your book, you’ve been through it, everything’s been answered and you’ve eliminated any concerns. In like manner close the chapter you'll trial close by asking things like,

 Do we sound like the sort of company you would like to do business with?

 Does our Company’s past performance meet your expectations?

 Is it vital that you you that you pick a well known, big company like ours to use?

Ultimately the word you are looking for with all those statement is really a “YES” if you don’t get a “YES” or a positive affirmation then don’t move onto the next stage of the sales presentation because you’ll end up receiving to the end of one's sales presentation and still have to sell the benefits of buying out of your company.

The idea is to trial close on each step before you get to the end, only then isn't it time to close. By the end of your sales presentation you ought to have alleviated any concerns and nullified any objections.

Trial closing also helps to put you within the right frame of mind for closing and phrasing your sentences properly in order to close the sale correctly. It will help with your confidence of course, if you trial close successfully all on the way more often than not you’ll close then entire sale.

Easy Final Close

The Assumption Close - You’ve experienced everything answered the questions, the customer seems happy, why wouldn’t they buy right?

 Mr Smith, since we’ve been through everything think about I grab my paperwork and we’ll position the order in?

 Mr Smith, you seem satisfied with everything, let’s write this up.

 Mr Smith, that’s all of the bases covered, think about we do the paperwork.

The assumption close is easy and if you’ve done all of your trial closes you then should find little objection to your closing statements. In fact if you close with any of these statements and you get yourself a

“I think I’ll sleep on it”, uncover what the objection is, say something such as,

“Ok Mr Smith I appreciate you would like some time to think about this, but can I ask, what precisely would you like to think about have you been unsure about something?” this will flush out the objection so that as soon as you’ve overcome the objection, close again!

“Ok Mr Smith, are you comfortable with everything? Great, let’s do the paperwork!”

Tips: Trial Close often, you can do it after any compelling statement or part of your sales presentation, a straightforward “do you agree” after a statement is often powerful enough to obtain commitment on a subject.

sales tips
Choose the close, don’t increase the risk for mistake of not requesting the order, you’ve spent the time and speaking to your customer now it’s time to get paid! Eliminate objections and order the order, it’s simple yet somehow so many Sales Professionals have problems asking the important question! Always remember us People LOVE to buy things!

You’re not there to offer, you’re there to help your customer buy!